Assumption of Our Lady, according to Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne.

by Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne. “It was right and proper – thus expresses a Doctor of the Church – that the Son of God received in the highest heavens the Virgin who had conceived and had given the Being on earth. Prophets saw her rise as aurora stands out. She crosses the spaces, the heavens, the choirs of angels Read More

6th generation of Ratisbonne gives news about family.

Flore Ratisbonne. This week, Nicola Guillion, the 6th generation relative of Adolf Ratisbonne (Flore’s father and Alphonse’s and Theodore’s brother) gave us some news about his family.  “He wrote to say that his grandmother, Jacqueline Guillion, great-great niece of Fr. Mary’s died peacefully yesterday evening (May 7th)”, said Sr. Rita Kammermayer, from Jerusalem. Source: Rita Kammermayer, nds

Bautain: the Theodore Ratisbonne’s intelectual master

Strasbourg in the 1820’s was the site for the formation of a circle of religious seekers who gathered around the philosopher Louis-Eugène-Marie Bautain. This group, which included Jews as well as Catholics, encouraged for a time the Jewish members to practice their religion and serve their community, “to become good Jews” in the words of Read More