Why Break a Glass at a Jewish Wedding?

Rabbi Aron Moss The destruction of the Holy Temple has extreme personal relevance. It happened to you. It is true that shattering the glass primarily commemorates the fall of Jerusalem; however, it is also a reminder of another cataclysmic shattering—that of your very own temple, your soul.Before you were born, you and your soulmate were Read More

Hanukkah: the feast of the lights

The Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks) under Antiochus Epiphanes (2nd century BCE), at the instigation of Hellenizing Jews, had forbidden various Torah-practices such as Sabbath-observance and circumcision, rededicated the Jewish Temple to a Greek idol, and pressed the Jews to offer up sacrifices to the idol. One of the leading elder Jewish sages called upon the people to Read More

Film shows a Jewish couple preparing to Sukkot

Today the Jewish people is celebrating the last day of Sukkot (which lasts one week). In order to understand better the reality of this feast, following is the link of the film Ushpizin which tells about the history of Moshe and Mali Bellanga, an impoverished, childless, Hasidic baal teshuva (“returnees to Judaism”) couple in the Breslov Read More