Pesach: liberation from physical and spiritual slavery.

  Of course we all know what Pesah means: “to pass over” (cf Ex: 12,13: I will see the blood and I will pass over you’’. In fact, Pesah celebrates several “pass overs”…  several “passages”. In the Pesah Haggada, the central Midrash on Dt 26:5-8 is introduced by two Biblical references: the first one is Read More

What is Sukkot?

The Jewish people is celebrating these days the Feast of Sukkot. For forty years, as our ancestors traversed the Sinai Desert, following the Exodus from Egypt, miraculous”clouds of glory” surrounded and hovered over them, shielding them from the dangers and discomforts of the desert. Ever since, we remember God’s kindness and reaffirm our trust in His Read More

Why Break a Glass at a Jewish Wedding?

Rabbi Aron Moss The destruction of the Holy Temple has extreme personal relevance. It happened to you. It is true that shattering the glass primarily commemorates the fall of Jerusalem; however, it is also a reminder of another cataclysmic shattering—that of your very own temple, your soul.Before you were born, you and your soulmate were Read More