Father of Sion who saved more than 500 during WWII completes 50 years of death.

This Saturday (January 28) marks 50 years since the death of the remarkable father of Sion who saved hundreds of Jewish children during the Second World War. Father Théomir Devaux (d. 28 January 1967) devoted most of his life to the development of Judeo-Christian relationship. He spent several years at Ratisbonne Monastery,  in Jerusalem and Read More

Holocaust Survivors celebrate Bar mitzvahs in Jerusalem.

Daniel Schechter, a citizen from Tel Aviv, posted on internet this amazing and very significant picture taken yesterday near the Western Wall, in Jerusalem. He explains personally why this picture is so meaningful: “I feel INSANELY BLESSED to have witnessed what I did today! I took a spontaneous trip to Jerusalem and went to visit Read More