The New Jewish Museum Opens in Warsaw

By Piotr Karnaszewski, Forbes Poland The presidents of Poland and Israel were on hand October 28th for the opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, bringing international attention to the 1,000-year history of Poland’s Jewish community, tragically decimated by the Holocaust. The museum was made possible through a $50 million Read More

Lecture of Fr. Donizeti Ribeiro on the anti-semitism and Sion vocation.

On this video, it’s possible to watch some excerpts of a lecture which took place in São Paulo, in 2012. Fr. Donizeti Ribeiro, General Superior of Brothers of Sion, explains the hard work of brothers and sisters of Sion during the years just after the WW2 and their effort to extinguish the anti-semitism in the Church. (Click Read More

Hard words of Pope Pius X show us the development of the Church regarding to jewish people

by Joel MOREIRA, nds Today the Church celebrates Pope Pius X. However, it’s widely known that he said severe words about Jewish people in his time. Far from wanting to tarnish his image as saint of the Church, this article wants to show the improvement of the Church’s teaching towards the Jewish people in our days comparing to Read More

The ‘perfect Aryan’ child used in Nazi propaganda was actually Jewish

In 1934, just after Adolf Hitler took control of Germany, a young Jewish woman became pregnant with a child who would soon become known as the “perfect Aryan.” The photo was everywhere. It first adorned a Nazi magazine that held a beauty contest to find “the perfect Aryan” and then was later splashed across postcards Read More