France Under the Wave of anti-Semitism.

written by Sr. Dominique de La Maisonneuve nds

Since 2000, the country has been facing an increase of social protests, which, from October 2018 onwards, took shape in the “Gillet Jaunes” movement.

This nonpolitical movement was triggered by the anger of the modest strata of French workers who, though employed, face difficulties in paying off their monthly bills; as a result, they can no longer tolerate the insolent difference there is between their standard of living and that of the “rich”. And this claim is quite respectable: there is a need for more social justice, a sense of sharing when individualism is on high.

The history of France tells us that social demands have long been expressed in the streets… Thus, since October 17, 2018, every Saturday, almost everywhere in the country, and in Paris in particular, the “Yellow Vests” obstruct the traffic, damaging the country’s economy.

However, as it often happens, these demonstrations were joined by thugs and breakers who, week after week, gave free entrance to violence against private goods and people, especially Jews, the eternal scapegoats in times of crisis. This explains the 2018 increase in the number of anti-Semitic acts in France: 541! This is 74% more than in 2017.

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