The Pope will visit the Church of the “Virgin of the Miracle”.

After the traditional prayer at the foot of the column of the Virgin Mary, in the Spanish Steps, in Rome, on the solemnity day of the Immaculate Conception, on December 8, 2017, Pope Francis will pay a private visit to the Saint  Andrea Delle Fratte Basilica to pray before the effigy of the “Virgin of the Miracle”, for the anticipated anniversary of the apparition to Alphonse Ratisbonne, indicates a statement from the Vicariate of Rome three days ago.

The pope, whose arrival at the Spanish Steps is scheduled to 16h, will be hosted by the archbishop vicar Angelo Donatis. He will pray in front of the monument dedicated to the Virgin and leave flowers at her feet.

His private visit to the Basilica Sant’Andrea Delle Fratte will evoke the apparition, on January 20, 1842, of the Virgin Mary to Alphonse Ratisbonne (1814 – 1884). After this event, Alphonse Ratisbonne converted to Catholicism and together with his brother Theodore, he founded the sisters and brothers of Our Lady of Sion.

Source: Zenit.



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