Rita: reconciliation and mutual knowledge through music.


Rita Yahan-Farouz is an Israeli Jewish pop singer and actress. In 2011, she became popular in Iran after the release of various pop records which she sings in her native Persian language. In 2012, her album “All My Joys,” also sung in Persian, was popular in Israel and Iran, going gold in Israel after three weeks.

From her early days as a child in Tehran, to her acceptance by the Israeli audience and onto her brave decision to record an authentic, Persian album (“My Joys”), Rita takes us on a sentimental journey, which is all about turning one’s weaknesses (or rather, one’s self perceived weakness) – into strength. Self-belief, listening to your gut-feeling and having conviction, are all elements to which a person should stay true to and Rita’s speech is an honest, courageous reminder of that. Have a look at this TED’s conference:

Source: Youtube (Tedx talks).





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