The Crucifixion according to Chagall.

Yom Ha-Shoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, opened in Jerusalem on the eve of April 24 at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem. A present exhibition at the Israel Museum, entitled “Behold the Man,” portrays Jesus as a Jew. Among the paintings is, The Yellow Crucifixion, by Mark Chagall. Jesus is identified with his suffering people. He is wearing tefillin (phylacteries).

A large Torah scroll is spread open as an extension of Jesus’ right arm, underscoring his identity as a Jew and teacher of Torah. Scenes of catastrophe appear below: the sinking ship with Jewish refugees, Jews fleeing and a shtetl going up in flames. On this day, together with Jesus, we remember, and we cry out, “Never Again.”

Check out the paintings of the exhibition “Behold the Man”, with audio explanation to each one of them. CLICK HERE.

Yellow Crucifixion, Chagall.

Support: Bat Kol.



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