Jewish-Christian controversy in the 1st-2nd centuries is theme of Seminar in Ratisbonne.

On this last Thursday (February 23), there was the second presentation of the Reshit Da’at seminar in the Ratisbonne (Jerusalem). The theme chosen by Br. Joel Moreira, NDS was “The JewishChristian Controversy in the 1st-2ndcenturies CE,” in which he analyzed conflicting positions between Jews and Christians in apocryphal (non-canonical) writings of that period.

Br. Joel still used as a basic bibliography the work Related Strangers (Stephen Wilson) and The Jewish-Christian Controversy (Krauss) and concluded by making a general critical analysis of the writings and suggested a more accurate interpretation of them, according to the current approach of the Church .

After the presentation, time was open for discussion, questions and comments. Sisters, brothers, novices and friends of Sion were present.

The Reshit Da’at Seminar takes place every two weeks at Ratisbonne, where a participant volunteers to present his/her chosen theme. Click here to view the previous presentation.

Pictures: Br. Cristovao Oliveira, NDS.



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