The “20 January” around the world.

Yesterday was the day on which the brothers and sisters of Sion celebrated 175 years from the day of the apparition of Mary to Fr. Alphonse Ratisbonne, in Sant'Andrea delle Fratte Church (Rome). This event would completely change his life and would be a motivation for Father Afonso to undertake a large and audacious project with his brother. Below are some of the photos of yesterday's celebrations in different countries:

San José (Costa Rica)

St. Peter's Parish (Maua - Sao Paulo)

St. Joseph's Parish (Ipiranga - Sao Paulo)

Paris (France)

Ratisbonne (Jerusalem)

CLICK HERE to confer more pictures from the celebration at Ratisbonne.

Managua (Nicaragua)

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Pictures: Fr. Benedito Vieira; Marivan Ramos; Paulo; Br. Cristóvão Oliveira; Br. José Souza; Sr. Alexandra; Sr. Alejandra Vasquez; Andreia Soares; Ir. Vaneide.



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