Poland Sion Sister participates in International Interfaith Committee.

In the first time that the International Catholic-Jewish Liason Committee (ICJLC) took place in Warsaw, the Sister of Sion Ania Bodzińska, NDS was the only woman represented in the Catholic delegation. “The Jewish group was more numerous and luckily there were three Jewish women representatives”, Sr. Ania says.


“We worked hard during four days but the work was done in confidence and mutual respect. I had the impression that it was not only work but the joy to be together. In the morning each religious group began the day with the prayer at the Synagogue of Nożyków or in the chapel of the Polish Episcopate down town. From 9h30 to 22h00 we continue to work. We discussed hard issues of today:

  1. “You will not oppress the foreigner”, the attitude to the other, a Catholic and Jewish approach.
  2. The anti-Semitism and the persecution of Christians today.
  3. The refugees’ crisis.
  4. The Catholic and Jewish communities in Poland today.
  5. The problems of religious freedom.

On April 6th we went to the Nazi Death Camp of Treblinka. It is a place, nearly empty, where the buildings have been totally demolished to erase any trace of the crimes committed by the German soldiers a year before the end of the war.”

Click here to read the full report of Sr. Ania Bodzińska NDS and pictures.

Source: Sr. Ania Bodzińska NDS.



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