“Desert experience” in Krakow’s community.

written by Sr. Martine Zaman, NDS.

At each liturgical time, the Sisters’ community of Krakow organizes desert days, “Pustynia”. It hosts a dozen people, eager to pray and recharge by the Word of God. The last 2 days of retreat took place on February 27 and March 19 (during my presence in Krakow). It was an opportunity to work together! For me it was a very good experience, firstly for the opportunity to share with young people and also for the collaboration between us in Sion, apostolic and contemplative sisters.
Those days are well prepared in advance!
The idea of sharing something on Mercy in the First and the New Testament seems obvious in this Holy Year devoted entirely to this subject. We set to work and each one has prepared his/her biblical reflection; one on Mercy in the First Testament and the other made some researches on Mercy in the Gospels.
Once subject were known and dates fixed, Ania started to prepare a beautiful poster and information was posted on the community website (www.sion.pl). And then … the inscriptions are quickly coming … by phone, mail etc. There was indeed a ‘numerus clausus’! 10 guests plus us two, to welcome in our house, this is the maximum. Indeed, the community is being fully available for everyone to find a place of study, silence, loneliness, so that they can enjoy their desert experience … alone with God’s Word.

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Pictures: Sr. Anna B, NDS; Text: Sr. Martine Zaman, NDS.



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