Project encourages mutual knowledge among Arab-Jewish society, in Israel.

“My Israeli Brother” (אחי ישראלי) is a project created by Hinam Center, aimed at getting participants to know others who are different in culture, traditions and even color. Such knowledge does not come about through superficial meetings, but through spending prolonged time together in each other’s environments. The project was broadcast last Wednesday (February 24th) at the Israeli TV Channel Arutz haRishon.

Adam Muhlbauer, one of the participants of the project, says: ” My Israeli Brother is a unique project that offers a journey to a deep and unmediated understanding of Israeli society in all its hues. A group of young women and men will live together in a commune for a period of four months, each month in a different sector of Israeli society: in the Arab village of Dir El Asad in the Galilee , in the settlement of Ofrah, in the old city of Safed with the ultra-orthodox community, and in a neighborhood of Ethiopian immigrants in Kiryat Moshe in Rehovot.

In each of the host communities the group will engage in theoretical studies and experiential activities concerning issues of identity and society, and will work as volunteers within that community. Most importantly, the group will live with the community, and will come to know its world through structured activities, shared social initiatives, and meetings with key figures of the community.”

Watch below the project’s official video (in Hebrew):

Sources: Jerusalem Post/  Arutz Harishon.



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