Pictures: the Holy Week in Sion Brazilian Parishes.

The Passion of Christ performed in Parish S. Joseph of Ipiranga – São Paulo)

Different parishes of Our Lady of Sion in Brazil celebrated this Holy Week with processions and performances reporting the Passion of Christ. The blog FOS gathered some photos on Facebook of parishioners and religious who shared these intense days of the Christian liturgy in their parishes.

Fr. Valdenício e Deacon Benedito in Entrance Procession (Parish S. Bom Jesus – Arujá)

Procissão do Encontro – The Procession of “the Meeting” (Parish S. Bom Jesus – Arujá)

Bro. Edivan: Washing of the feet (Community Our Lady of Sion – Castro – Paraná).

Procissão do Ressuscitado – Procession of the Resurrected (Castro – Paraná)

Palm Procession (Parish S. Bom Jesus – Arujá). 

Procissão do Senhor Morto – Procession of the “Dead Lord” (Ipiranga – São Paulo)

Fr. Osmar: Blessing of the Fire (Parish Our Lady of Sion – Paraná)

Fr. José Maria: Palm Sunday (Parish S. Peter – Mauá – Sao Paulo)

Parish S. Peter (Mauá – Sao Paulo)
Facebook (S. José do Ipiranga; Flavia Sanches; Naldo Leal; Matheus John; Estela Socela; Francisco Santos).



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