Painting in Brazilian Parish depicts apparition of Mary to A. Ratisbonne

The St. Joseph Parish in Ipiranga (Sao Paulo) of Religious of Sion was founded 94 years ago and recently had an update in its paintings focusing the event of the apparition of January 20.

“The apparition of Mary to Alfonso M. Ratisbonne was assembled with great care, its most striking elements were placed on the wall based on research of the priest’s own reports [Fr. Ramires], which are available to all” says Cleriston Oliveira, responsible for the paintings.

“The pictorial representation of the sign of Mary to Father Alphonse Ratisbonne describes itself the depth of Sion and Jerusalem. They are like the two sides of the same reality: the presence of God (Sekhinah), the presence of his Holy Spirit (Rah hakodesh) in the middle of his people. God is present in Sion, in the City of Jerusalem, whose temple, place of residence, was in the center and summit of Mount Zion; the same God revealed to Mary, the daughter of Sion, and through it, he comes to dwell among us, among all mankind. “said Fr. Donizeti Ribeiro, superior of the Religious of Sion.

Source: “Revista São José”

Translation: Joel Moreira, nds



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