Sion celebrates birthday of founder

On this special day we celebrate the birthday of our founder Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne in 1802 (212 years ago), we put available an excerpt from one of his letters in which he talks about his experience of being baptized.

“The most ardent desire of my heart is met. The day of my baptism arrived, and I was regenerated in mystery. I remember having left the family home to which I should return already Christian, I found my brother who shook my hand and asked : Where are you going? – nearby, I told him – in fact I just took a step:. passed from Judaism to Christianity, from the Synagogue to the Church, from Moses to Jesus Christ […] Oh, yes, that was the life that was penetrating me as the holy water dripped on my forehead, I felt unspeakable feelings of joy, freedom, dignity, recognition, it seemed that all nature smiled to me and that a new light was illuminating the world, I saw everything from the a new point of view, and my happiness to be part of the great Christian family was such that I had to repress me not to express it aloud to everyone I’ve met. I really became a child again, and had regained the tastes, joy, confidence and even childhood games. “

Excerpts from the letter “Adeodato” written by Theodore Ratisbonne in 1835.

translation: Joel Moreira, nds



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