Ratisbonne during the World War I

Austrian troops line up near Ratisbonne Monastery in Jerusalem

In the beginning of this year, the site ynetnews.com made a series of articles on the photo album obtained by archeologist Pesach Bar-Adon (1907-1985) from an unknown source.

The photos, which feature the events of World War I, reveal that the original album owner was the member of a medical staff. It’s a documentation of the beginning of the collapse of the Ottoman-German army, alongside landscapes from that era.

The Ratisbonne buiding created by Alphonse Ratisbonne was among these photos.

Ratisbonne, which was run by the Religious of Our Lady of Sion, began as a primary school for boys; languages were also taught in the school: French, English, Arabic and Hebrew; professional teaching was added which included up to 18 areas of skills. The house was meant to serve the local population; the spirit animating it was one of welcome to all: Jews, Christian and Muslim Arabs, and all of these children could study there until 1948.

Following the creation of the State of Israel, the Ratisbonne house progressively became a study center for Christians interested in Jewish studies. Nowadays, however, the Salesians are in charge of the house with their Studium Theologicum.

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